• 2.05. D. D. Dorrell.

    The Reverend Deaton Dorrell enjoys pride of place in this album. His is the very first image we encounter. Dorrell was a minister in Albany’s AME Church and according to one church history he was “beloved by all.” (Cyclopedia of African Methodism, 53.) Dorrell took over the Chapman family’s congregation in 1880. Dorrell had been one of the AME Church’s many itinerant preachers, heading congreations in Buffalo, Hudson City, Philadelphia, and Brooklyn as well as Albany over the course of his career since the pre-Civil War era. Dorrell died somewhat suddenly in 1881 at the age of 63. His place in Arabella’s album suggest that he was indeed much beloved by the Chapman family.

    2.05. Rev. D. Dorrell. W.G. Tyrell, NYC. CDV.

    2.05. Rev. D. Dorrell. W.G. Tyrell, NYC. CDV.

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