• 2.11. Allie Jordan & Bessie.

    Allie Jordan & Bessie. Denison’s, Albany, NY.┬áCDV. Album 2. Image 11.

    This example, captioned “Allie Jordan + Bessie,” tells another story about the life of the photos in the Chapman albums. Here, this carte-de-visite spent significant time in another frame, one that was likely exposed to the sun, perhaps sitting in a parlor. The original frame shielded the very top of the photos from the sun’s yellowing effects. Only later did Arabella or Alfarata remove the photo from its original frame and place it here

    2.11. Allie Jordan & Bessie. Denison's, Albany, NY. CDV.

    2.11. Allie Jordan & Bessie. Denison’s, Albany, NY. CDV.

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