The Class initial research for The Arabella Chapman Project was conducted by the students enrolled in African American Women’s History, Part I in the University of Michigan Department of Afroamerican and African Studies. Through independent group assignments, students documented the Chapman albums, and discovered their place in the Chapman family histories, the histories of New York State’s Capital Region and Berkshire County, Massachusetts, and the history of photography. As a class, they experimented with new media such as Pinterest¬†and Twitter, exploring the distance between 19th- and 21st-century modes of publicity.¬†Students also developed much of the technical foundation for the project including this web page, and a related Wikipedia page.


compositeThank you to Mollie Berkowitz, Ben Braden, Robyn Bryan, Katie Diekman, Marie Georger, Capreece Holland, Nichole Homfeld, Dominique Horne, Royce Jenkins-Stone, Erin Kessler, Sumeyye Korkaya, Melissa Langiness, Lindsay Laird, Erin Maki, Jackie Matyszczyk, Mary Mikha, Emily Moore, Ondre Pipkins, Grace Prosniewski, Ari Schoenberg, Kayla Smith, Nikia Smith, Chavon Taylor, Dymonte Thomas, Logan Tuley-Tillman, Deja Valrie, Andrea Ventola, Taylor Williams, Marissa Wojcik, and Boseong (Peter) Yun.